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Inês Amaral

Professora Auxiliar

ISMT - Instituto Superior Miguel Torga

PhD in Communication Sciences, by the University of Minho, in 2012, through the Fellowship Programme of FCT (The Portuguese Foundation for the Science and Technology), Inês Amaral is a Lecturer in the Miguel Torga Institute, serving as Vice-President of the Scientific Council and as scientific coordinator of the Graduation Degree in Multimedia. She teaches in the field of Digital Communication.

Inês Amaral has developed research on sociability in online social networks, digital literacy, technologies and active ageing, media consumption in the digital age. She is currently a member of CEDAR (Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research) and two COST Actions: IS1402 – Ageism from a Multi-National, Interdisciplinary Perspective; and CA15122 Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy. Member of the IAMCR, ECREA, INSNA and SOPCOM, she is co-founder of the Portuguese Association of Training and Distance Learning.


  1. Fevereiro 2011


    Universidade do Minho: Braga, Portugal
  2. Janeiro 2007


    Universidade do Minho: Braga, Portugal
  3. Setembro 2004


    Universidade Portucalense Infante D Henrique: Porto, Portugal
  4. Setembro 2002


    Universidade do Minho: Braga, Portugal

Experiência Profissional

  1. 2003-
    Professora Auxiliar
    Instituto Superior Miguel Torga
  2. 2013-2017
    Professora Auxiliar
    Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa