• Monitoring Online Discourse Activity (MODA) is a an emerging research group created in 2017 within the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS), at Universidade do Minho (Portugal)


News media

The new digital environment presents new challenges to the so-called legacy media.
This line of inquiry focuses on initiatives, production processes and strategies pursued by these entities in their endeavours to secure a place in the future of human communication.

Social Media

What happens online seldom remains exclusively online.
Understanding social media production and its spill-over effects on political discourse, on media production and agenda setting, and also on social behaviour is at the heart of this line of inquiry.

Memory and History

The ever-changing nature of the Internet appears to challenge any attempts to clearly define it. This line of inquiry tries to focus on the web in a broader historical sense. Understanding its structure as a function of social organization and how it changes the way we preserve memory.

Sound and Image

While the role of the image on the internet is well documented, sound is very often overlooked.
This line of inquiry focuses on the study of that particular invisibility, on the production and analysis of soundscapes and on their interplay with sound and visual culture.

About us

A group of researchers based at University of Minho (Portugal) sharing a common goal: to take advantage of new tools to further knowledge on online communication. Divided into four main lines of inquiry, MODA attemps to hover over some overarching questions: What is the future of traditional journalism production in the age of social media? What forces drive the dissemination of information online? How do these new environments shape public discourse?

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About CECS

MODA integrates the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) at Universidade do Minho, the leading research unit in Communication Studies in Portugal.

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